Anunnaki messaggio all’umanità inviato nel 1958 – Anunnaki message to humanity sent in 1958


Nel novembre del 1958 veniva pubblicato sulla rivista ufo magazine uno strano articolo che lasciò stupefatti i lettori.
Conteneva un messaggio Anunnaki e questo e ciò che vi era scritto



In November 1958 a strange article was published in the magazine ufo magazine that left readers astonished.
It contained an Anunnaki message and this is what was written there


we are already here among you
some of us have always been here with you
as well as watching
on some occasions even to guide you
now we have the opportunity to talk to you
our possibilities have increased
to prepare us for another step
in the development of your planet
a step forward that you are not yet aware of
we have been confused with the gods of many worlds and religions
even if we are not gods
but creatures like you
you will learn it directly
in the past you will find evidence of our presence
in the mysterious symbols of ancient Egypt
where we got to know each other
to reach you
our symbols appear in religious art
the civilization that occupies a position of
importance on the Great Seal
of the United States
where a certain secret has been kept.
the companies originally founded to maintain
live the knowledge of our existence
and our intentions towards humanity
which we have left with certain points of reference
in different parts of the globe.
but the largest is in Egypt
where we established our headquarters
on our last visit
to the earth
that time the basics of ours
present civilization have been dispelled
the earth is older than your knowledge
the reference points established in this way
they were made thousands of years ago
before the Egyptians.
the whole art of building in stone
and has become a symbol for many of you
we worked on the construction of the human
to direct him towards perfection
your ancestors knew us in those days as tutors and friends
now through
your efforts have almost reached
in your majority a new step
in the long journey of your liberation
we have constantly helped you
your inspiration is hampered only
from natural difficulties
for your physical and moral development processes
some individuals have recently reached the means
to self-destruct.
do not be hasty in yours
yours is not the first civilization to have achieved e
pass on your knowledge
to let him learn your command
fear not
failure is part of human success
acceptance of things
it is measurable by human experience
the successive generations who never knew
of our current presence have translated
the teachings of their elders in terms
of his own experience for example a
very simplified cross-sectional drawing
and stylized of many copies of a
of our travel machines has become the eye
of Horus and then other eyes of other gods
the ancient symbol that once was for us
an accurate representation of a
important mechanical device was
carefully reproduced by the
modern psychology priesthood
the important fact is however what we are
here among you in the world
and the human race will know it very soon
time has almost come but how
for all the things that mature the process can
don’t be hasty without it
the danger of damaging the fruit
there is the right time for every action and the
right time for our revelation
we are approaching your era
some of you have seen our advanced guard
he has already met us often in
streets of your cities
and you didn’t notice us
but when you enlighten us in the heavens within
the ancient traditional vehicles Vimanas
amazed and in telling what have you seen.
in this way they have been deceived and amazed
the seer prophets in the true sense of the
the word you have in Kansas and Oklahoma
in Oregon, California and Idaho
they know what they saw
but they are denied by meteorologists
who earn on what they say
sightings of a torpedo-shaped object
or other disc-like objects
some of you refer to spherical or flat objects
they are real
reporting correctly and accurately what
you have seen and in most cases
describing the same type of vehicle now
now that the art of making plastic
and other materials have reached a certain level
you are able to imagine
an almost transparent material
extremely fast flight
look again at
great nebulae and think of the
building your galaxy
these are the universal examples of what we are
we found it as a perfect shape for
an object that must travel
what you still fondly refer to as
empty space in the center of the disk comes
controlled through a gyroscope inside
central spheres of the same transparent
material that rotates in our control rooms
freely settling down
for a flight that is too flat or uneven, both methods
to convert sharply from one direction to another
if you are looking at our machines they seem
suddenly appear or disappear e
our possible speed but your eyes are not trained
and unprepared for the maneuver
they are errors but not yours
scientists so often accuse those who sight us
making us pass over your hills into
horizontal flight you might spot
torpedo-shaped object
it is a passage of flight in formation
and during this you can observe the vertical edge
and the crevices of the ship that shine and see a
orange disc in any case you see e
in any case we are not interested. If we choose
to remain invisible we could do it
easily and indeed we did it
almost without exception for hundreds of
to our ships in your skies one day
they will be familiar and friendly
stay calm this time we hope
that the memories will be handed down
to your children
be clear and precise in handing them down
don’t do like your ancestors
don’t forget the meaning of the diagrams
and the instructions we will leave you
if you fail like other civilizations
have failed we will see your descendants
wear electrical diagrams for machine construction
as if they were simple amulets but
instead they expect diagrams to do this
that was taught to their ancestors
and made for their children
intellectual curiosity
to break the cycle of forgetfulness of the Anunnaki.

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