Interview with Bob Lazar – Top Secret Area S-4 – Part 1 & 2/Intervista a Bob Lazar – Area Top Secret S-4 – Parte 1&2


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Interview with Bob Lazar – Top Secret Area S-4 – Part 1 & 2


Entrance to the base

Question: How did you feel when you first entered it?

Lazar: It all seemed very military and not very scientific.
There were many controls, and a maximum level of security wherever you went, you had to be accompanied by an armed guard, even in the toilet. All the doors opened and closed with magnetic plastic badges, there was a very oppressive atmosphere.

Question: How many times did you have to enter that area before you could see the aircraft?

Lazar: I think two or three, maybe two days, before I can see it.

Question: What did you feel the first time you saw the object?

Lazar: The first time I entered the hangar I said to myself “here, this finally explains all those sightings of strange objects, it is a secret military aircraft being tested”.

In fact it was the second time when I entered it, that he sensed what was happening and that it was an alien vehicle, but this happened after I had read the information material.
It was all very difficult to understand, I felt like an intruder.

Question: Try it anyway

Lazar: Do you know the photos of Meier taken during his sightings? It was incredibly similar to that in his photos, an elusive line with the discoid hull.
It is difficult to describe it like this without drawing it, but it had the classic shape of the flying saucer.

Question: Of one type or several?

Lazar: In total there were nine records, but I only worked on one level of back-engineering, they were in separate hangars, but all visibly different.

Question: Did they tell you how they had been recovered by intelligence or the navy?

Lazar: No, absolutely not. Many people have put forward various hypotheses, that they had been knocked down or that had fallen, but did not seem damaged, so I have serious doubts.

Question: Can you describe the inside?

Lazar: It is very simple, there is only one dominant color, it is a felt gray, the exterior is also the same color, there are no slides.

Inside, all the equipment has a rounded shape, even the seats and housings for the amplifiers, it is as if they had been melted in wax and then modeled with these curvilinear shapes, including the joints between the walls and the floor.
The interior is essential, very airy, the use of space does not seem functional at all.

There are three bridges, the lower one houses the amplifiers mounted on mobile bases.
On the middle one, from where the ship is accessed, there are the seats and amplifiers, and then, there is the upper deck, with a limited section to which I had no access, I don’t know what was there.

Question: Was the aircraft alien to you?

Lazar: Absolutely yes, alien.
First of all, the aim of the project was to analyze it, if it had been a US appliance we wouldn’t have wasted time understanding how it was built.
Secondly, for the dimensions of the internal equipment, the dimensions of the seats and the materials used, totally unrelated to us, and then for the fuel.
Element 115, which is virtually nonexistent.
I added this information to what was previously provided to me, which clearly stated that it was an extraterrestrial vehicle.

Question: Did they tell you how the propulsion system worked?

Lazar: It was part of my reverse engineering job to understand the propulsion system, they had already made some progress, but I don’t know exactly how long the aircraft had been there, if they had been examining it for one or ten years, however the progress was scarce.

The system is physically impressive.
It consists of two parts, gravity amplifiers and the reactor that supplies energy.
The reactor works with complete annihilation fed by antimatter.
Complete annihilation is practically the most effective nuclear reaction among the three, that is, between fission, fusion and annihilation.
It uses a super heavy element, the element 115, i.e. this would be its location in the periodic table, but has not yet been synthesized on Earth.

In my opinion, on some star systems, this synthesis occurs spontaneously.
This element is bombed in an extremely small accelerator.
The element that is bombed undergoes a spontaneous split and produces antimatter particles.
These, thanks to a thermoelectric device, 100% effective, react with the gaseous matter and are transformed into electricity.

Now, the 100% efficiency of any electrical device is physically impossible, says the first law on thermodynamics, because heat loss or other such losses would occur.
But I, in this system, I have not detected any.
It is an absolutely amazing technology.
The incredible amount of energy that is generated by the system feeds the

amplifiers, and as a collateral product of the bombing of element 115, a very interesting phenomenon is generated, that is, a particular wave called gravitational A.
This wave travels much like microwaves.
It is applied to gravitational amplifiers and by means of the electric current generated by the reactor, it is amplified and focused.

The signal thus amplified is made slightly aphasic, thanks to this, it is possible to attract or reject any gravitational body.

The aircraft is able to take off even using a single amplifier.

This ship in particular was equipped with three amplifiers, and when activating only one amplifier, to get away from the earth, it uses the so-called omicron configuration that it uses to travel in space.

The ship rotates to one side, focusing the three amplifiers on a point located at an enormous distance.
Then the reactor and the amplifiers are brought to maximum power and practically attract the very fabric of space, distort the space-time by attracting it towards the ship, which is thus able to cover huge distances, in a practically zero period of time.

The ship does not move linearly, because it distorts space.

The very fabric of space, therefore also gravitational fields and time, are closely connected.

When a gravitational field is distorted, space and time are also distorted.

These are not simple theories, they are things we have known for a long time, only that we do not have the opportunity to verify them, and apparently this civilization has managed to put them into practice.

Question: And have you ever managed to fly one?

Lazar: Many tests have been carried out, short and low-altitude flights, never outside the atmosphere.
Moreover, they have an invaluable object and do not intend to destroy it with unnecessary risks, due to the Earth’s gravitational field or by flying at too high altitudes.
But I witnessed some tests outside the security fence, and on one occasion, I saw everything, but at a minimum distance of thirty meters from the aircraft.

Question: What maneuvers could the object make while flying?

Lazar: he was very silent, he got up generating a faint hiss, the lower surface gave off a blue light, probably due to the very high voltage generated.
After a while, as the altitude increased, the light disappeared. It seemed that it was floating gently in the air, then resting on the ground, all in an absolutely peaceful and almost totally silent way

Question: Could you describe the information documents and their content?

Lazar: It was a large number of documents, about 120 very concise reports, in practice they allowed me to get an idea in general about the other research conducted on the aircraft, but almost all the information and technical details related to the propulsion system and energy generation, that is the field in which I should have worked.

There were also documents stating that the ship was alien.
The reports of some autopsies were not very thorough, because there was no reason to give me detailed information on this, but there were two photographs of an alien body with an open chest, which had only one organ, which had been removed and dissected.
From my non-medical point of view, it seemed that this organ performed not one, but several functions.

Then there were other documents that described metallurgical research conducted in other parts of the ship, in short, they were brief summaries of the work done by the various groups and vice versa, surely they too would have received reports and short reports of the work done by my group.

Question: Did they indicate the place of origin of the aliens?

Lazar: Yes, from the Zeta Reticuli system, I don’t know if this information was obtained from the hull itself, from astral maps or from on-board instruments.

Question: Was there information about this civilization, their history, or previous contacts with mankind?

Lazar: Not exactly, it wasn’t written, it went like this, reference was made to an alien intervention that took place in the past, dating back to many years ago, precisely thousands of years ago.
From the documents I have seen, I repeat that they were synthetic, summary documents, which I do not know if they were true or false, I can only make assumptions.
However, the information on the propulsion system was all true, I’m sure, I worked on it.
For the rest, there were only hints on the contact with Earth, which occurred more than 10,000 years ago, to genetic alterations that produced a monkey-like being, and other interactions of this tone.

Question: Have you ever seen an alien up close? Dead or alive?

Lazar: No, only in photography. I have stated several times, that crossing a certain area, I looked in a window and noticed something small, but I don’t know if it was the

the body of an alien.
It is useless to jump to the conclusion that I must have seen an alien. It could be a mannequin, created as a model on their body differences and on the dimensions of the seats, so I repeat that in reality I have not seen any living body that moved, in principle I answer no.

Question: Why did they choose you for this job?

Lazar: it is very difficult to answer, I don’t know. I’m certainly not a good fit as a physicist, so I don’t have a clue.
Given the different angles, perhaps they felt frustrated, they could not make progress, it was a long time since they could not go anywhere, or perhaps they wanted a new person, someone who could see things differently, on the other hand I am reputed to be so.

Question: Why did you decide to disclose this information?

Lazar: It is difficult to answer, there are various reasons.
For example, for the pressures I have undergone, or for my personal protection, and also because, it is unfair that strict confidentiality is maintained about this information.

Question: After you made these things public, did they try to shut your mouth?

Lazar: Oh yes, in any case, they shot me while I was taking the freeway here in Las Vegas.
Some of my friends have been threatened, have lost their jobs, everything has happened.


Question: So Bob, you said you read some rather strange references in the document room about human evolution and the role of aliens in human genetics.
How was it born, in what context? What did you see? ”

Lazar: I hate to repeat these things.
I say it every time I mention it, because I have no other proof that it is true, apart from the fact that I have read it and continue saying, always, yes, everything I have read about the propulsion system, turned out to be a given in fact, but very far-fetched, and although I have worked with alien technology, on flying saucers, I still find it difficult to deal with the physical alien thing in itself.
But as far as where it came from, yes, there was a book that was almost like a history of the development of the human race.
It was written from another point of view.
I don’t think that particular thing had a title.
Here, where they called us containers.
Whenever the word human appears, it was always replaced with the word containers.
Earth was called Sol 3.
It was a strange written report.

Question: What do you think the word containers meant?

Lazar: He was referring to people.
Now, containers of what, I don’t know. You can speculate on this until it turns blue.

Question: This book you are referring to, that is, are you telling us that this book was of alien origin? ”

Lazar: It was like those small 3-D figures, which when folded change shape, but were very smooth and clear, with a much higher resolution.
I had never seen anything like this.
I don’t know if they really exist anywhere, or if we are talking about something of alien origin, but as you turn the page, you can see the superstructure, and then down to the wood itself, then the foundations.
Back there, there were no references to people.
These containers were always mentioned, and the creation.

Question: But was it clear from the context that the word container referred to people?
Lazar: Right.
Question: What kind of things did they say about people? Did they talk about how they behave, and what was the historical development like?

Lazar: What they were talking about was the desirability of the containers and that the containers were not damaged.
Now, people speculate on the word containers.
Are they talking about anime containers? something bizarre of this kind?
or is it the other way around? Is the opposite? contain the soul within the body?
It’s really too much for me to grasp this concept, but they were talking about storing containers and how unique they are.
Extremely, extremely unique …

Question: Are living beings like us very difficult to find?

Lazar. Yes, it is very difficult.
By the way, the book I wrote is made up of two books put together.
On the one hand, it is a kind of basic history, of the earth. But by turning it upside down and reading it from the other side, you will have to deal with lattice four, as it was called, which deals with alien civilization.

Question: So that book did indeed contain a story of the earth from an alien perspective.
Lazar: That’s correct
Question. And then, on the other hand, an alleged story and perspective on Reticle four, which presumably is their planet …

Lazar: Exactly, it’s as indicated in the book.
But of course, I cannot attest to the validity of the information within it. Unfortunately, when I first opened the book I concentrated on the drawings that were inside, it took a while before I realized it had to do

with an alien civilization, maybe I could have learned a lot more from reading it

However, my focus has shifted mainly to autopsy and alien photographs.
At the moment I was not so interested in his reading, which would surely have been fascinating and stimulating.

Question: Do people ask you if you think it may have been misinformation?
Lazar: The information is so extensive that it seems inconceivable that anyone could have invented it.

Question: The photographs seem rather difficult to reproduce, except for some strange technology.

Lazar: I have a photo lab, which is why I was so intrigued by those photos and that it distracted me about the rest of the content.

Question: Have you ever seen something like this? Are you aware of an equipment capable of making them?

Lazar: No, it was like a page based on Mylar, there was almost a clear section where the image was located.
It changed, but not in the passages, as photos with 3D diffraction grating do.

Question: How do you feel, emotionally, with the fairly certain awareness that extraterrestrial beings are out there, and that they have visited the earth, that they are probably still around, and so on. It bothers you?

Lazar: No, it’s the only thing that makes sense.
This would answer the much confusion that exists on this topic, but that with these tests finally begins to make sense.