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It was beautiful a world without social networks, without smartphones etc…
There was more human contact.
But, actually, even today’s one, with the addition of everything mentioned above, is not bad.
Technology has made our lives much easier.
Unfortunately the problem is always the same.
It all depends on how you use it.
But it is our own fault that we sometimes overindulge, or have been, shall we say, manipulated over the years into making this happen.
Movies, TV shows and much more, have led people to believe that there was nothing wrong with sharing memories, expressing their thoughts publicly, through social networks, which I remember, we all use for free.
In short, they have made a fantastic tool available to us, with no ulterior motives.
Or not…
I’ll give you a name, LifeLog, a name made up of two words, the translation of which is, Registry of Life.
But to whom did this name belong?
Well, LifeLog was the name chosen by D.A.R.P.A. And by the United States Department of Defense, for their own design.
To compile, and I may even use Wikipedia here, a huge electronic database, of every activity and relationship a person is engaged in.
D.A.R.P.A. It takes the biggest minds it can find and makes them invent a program that can monitor credit card purchases (and… if there was no cash), the websites visited, and trust me, the incognito browsing to bypass the control.
The content of phone calls, emails, sent and received and then faxes, mail, messages, books, television and radio programs, location, recorded via GPS sensors, even biometric data.
All this, according to D.A.R.P.A., done to find a fool with which to predict a person’s behavior.

A beautiful archive in which to record all human beings.
Let’s think about the potential of this program, without neglecting its, in my opinion and I hope yours too, danger.

You can identify a target of people on which to act in a certain way, because you already know how they will behave.
A technology that, if it were in the hands of a super villain from the movies, wouldn’t let us sleep a wink, thank goodness it’s not like that…
But we can breathe a sigh of relief, as D.A.R.P.A. The project officially ceased on February 3, 2004.
No databases, no alleged audits.
A little curiosity, however, catches the eye.
Yes, because on the same day that the LifeLog project is closed, a young Harvard scion, Mark Zuckember, invents FaceBok.
Curiosity within curiosity, or coincidence, FaceBok is also a name made up of two words, and has some identical functions of the previous program.
A small addition.
Have you ever tried to uninstall FaceBok from a latest generation smartphone. Well, best wishes, if you succeed, let me know.