Messaggio alieno interrompe una trasmissione televisiva

Era il 1977, quando il 26 novembre, durante la messa in onda del notiziario dell’emittente inglese TV England Southern Television, un segnale pirata di provenienza sconosciuta si inserì nella
trasmissione ufficiale.Conteneva la strana voce di un essere definitosi Vrillon, rappresentante del Comando Galattico
di Ashtar. Il messaggio, in lingua inglese, duro’ circa 6 minuti.
Il messaggio copri’ le citta’ di Reading, Southhampton, Andover, Londra, Newbury, Oxford e Winchester.
English version
It was 1977, when on 26 November, during the broadcasting of the news broadcasting by the English TV channel, England Southern Television, a pirate signal of unknown origin was inserted into the
official transmission. It contained the strange voice of a definitive being Vrillon, representative of the Galactic Command
of Ashtar. The message, in English, lasted about 6 minutes.
The message covered the cities of Reading, Southhampton, Andover, London, Newbury, Oxford and Winchester.
“This is the voice of Vrillon,
a representative of the
Galactic Command of Ashtar, who speaks to you.
You have seen us for many years
like lights in the skies.
We speak to you now in peace and wisdom,
as we did with yours
brothers and sisters, everywhere
on your planet Earth.
We come to warn you about it
destiny of your race and of the
your world, so that you can
communicate the path to your peers
that you will have to take to avoid
the disasters that threaten your world
and beings on the other worlds around you.
This is so that you can share
the great awakening of the planet that
will pass into the new Age of Aquarius.
The new era can be great
moment of peace and development for the
your race, but only if i
your rulers are informed
of the evil forces that can
obscure their judgments.
Stay here again and listen, given
that this opportunity can
do not come back.
All your weapons of evil
they must be removed.
The moment of conflict is
now passed and the race of the
which part you can proceed
at the highest stages of its evolution
if you show that you are worthy of it.
You have time, but short to learn
to live together in peace and
in benevolence.
Small groups everywhere
on the planet they are learning
this and exist to pass
in the light of dawn of the new
it was all of you.
You are free to accept or refuse
their teachings, but only
those who will learn to live
in peace they will pass to the most
high realms of spiritual development.
Listen to the voice of Vrillon now,
representative of the Command
Galactic of Ashtar who speaks to you.
Be aware that there
they will be many false prophets
and guides operating in the
your world.
They will suck your energy
the energy you call money
using it for diabolical purposes,
giving you in return for valueless leftovers.
Your Divine, if superior, will protect you.
You must learn to be sensitive
at the voice of the Truth in the center
of you who can tell you what
the truth and what’s the confusion,
chaos and lies.
Learn to listen to the voice
of the truth in your interior,
will guide you on the path of evolution.
This is our message for our dear friends.
We watched you grow up
for many years, as you have
looked at our lights in the skies.
Now you know that we are here,
and that there are myriads of beings
around and on the earth more
how many of your scientists
We are deeply
interested in you and yours
path through the light
and we will do everything to help you.
Do not be afraid,
just try to get to know each other
and live in harmony with the step
of your planet.
We of the Galactic Command
of Ashtar, we thank you
for your attention.
We are now leaving
your existence plans.
May you be Blessed
from love and Truth
supreme of the universe.
Coinciding with this event,
Detected on 15 August of the same year,
by Dr. Jerry R. Ehman
while working on the SETI project a
narrowband radio signal.
The signal did not come from the Earth
or from the Solar System.
It lasted 72 seconds
and it was never detected again.
Ehman, checking the printouts,
he was amazed by the obvious origin
interstellar signal,
I circle it in the press
and he wrote down the comment “WOW”.
That comment gave the name to the signal.