Robertson Panel. Why are UFOs ridiculed?

Perché gli ufo vengono ridicolizzati?

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Robertson Panel. Why are UFOs ridiculed?(eng. version)

The years go by, but not the strategies.
After all, if something works, why change it.
The watchword is always, ridicule, ridicule everything that can’t, or shouldn’t be accepted.
This was also the strategy used in the case of the U.F.O.
As to why, we could discuss it endlessly, and we would certainly find multiple answers, all valid.
In this case, the pioneers called to this task were the members of what goes down in history as the Robertson Panel.
A group, not so numerous, which included an elite of people, all with important positions.
Among these we find, the Nobel Prize for Physics, Dr. Luigi Alvarez, Dr. Lloid Berkner and Dr. H.P. Robertson, director of weapons systems evaluation, US Defense.
The story begins on September 24, 1952, when H. Marshall Chadwell writes a memo to the director of the CIA. Walter Smith, in which he tells him:
I am concerned about the large number of phone calls, the huge volume of letters and press releases.
The Air Force Intelligence Center has received 1,500 (1,500) official U.F. reports. From 1947 and 250 only in the month of July.
Public concern about the phenomenon, reflected in the press, creating pressure for the Air Force to come clean, indicates that a large part of our population is mentally conditioned to accept the unbelievable.
In this fact lies the potential to create hysteria and mass panic.
To the U.S.S.R. It is credited with the current ability to deliver an airstrike against the United States, but at any moment we could end up with dozens of official and unofficial sightings.
We are in a position where, we cannot, instinctively distinguish hardware from phantom and as voltage increases, we run the increasing risk of false alarms.
What could be done to stop people from reporting UFO sightings?
At this point the C.I.A. He decides to convene the Robertson Panel.
The meeting began on the 14th and ended on January 18, 1953.
As a first point, it was decided that the various security agencies should have taken immediate steps to strip the UFOs of the special status that had been conferred on them and the aura of mystery that surrounded them. Debunk, always and at all costs.
Acting in the name and on behalf of national security allowed him to carry out this education through the mass media, newspapers and television news, but also through the use of films and dedicated programs.
The basis of this strategy was to start by telling real stories, which at the beginning could be disconcerting but which later found a simple explanation, most of the time banal
Such a program would have reduced public gullibility, without offending their susceptibility, in what was described as clever hostile propaganda.

Therefore, we have been dealing with such techniques for about seventy years,
which shed light on some things we have come across, following this topic. Now programs, films, etc…etc…take on a different meaning.
I reiterate that these techniques found their justification, in the then protection of the United States, if then someone has taken a further advantage, from these cover-ups, well, that’s another story.